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Slow it Down

Let's face it -- most of us, myself included, rush through a lot of life. We feel overwhelming pressure to accomplish things, to get things done. Society and popular culture reinforce the chimerical necessity of speed. While life requires some of this, there is a real benefit to slowing down as much as possible. This allows us to reflect on and savor life. Instead of focusing on the end result, focus on the moment, even if it's a relatively mundane action. A relaxed pace allows us to notice details to which we were previously oblivious.

Going slowly fosters greater enjoyment and decreases stress. A leisurely walk, even if over familiar ground, creates a deeper connection with a place. Deliberately focusing on each step of cooking a meal results in greater enjoyment of it. Going slowly allows us to receive beauty and wisdom denied to the hurried.

Stopping to smell the roses is more than the sensory joy of a pleasant aroma -- it is a path to a richer life.

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