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Practice What You Profess

For several years, I've been cultivating a Stoic mindset. Because of COVID and other life events, much of it has occurred in relative isolation. This makes internalizing the tenants and deepening the commitment to them easier than doing so in the broader world. The time has come for me to practice what I profess and test my ability to maintain a Stoic outlook while interacting with others.

However daunting this challenge seems (and it is a significant one), I am viewing it as an opportunity. It's an opportunity to focus on these tenants and stayed disciplined, even when I face temptations to do otherwise. It will be hard -- but that's what's great about it. Instead of thinking about how great these ideas are while sitting in a chair, I have the opportunity to demonstrate to myself how much I have grown and how much better I am than I was two years ago. It will be challenging and I will certainly slip up; but, it will also be invigorating and lead to a better life.

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