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Make Discipline Easy

Living a disciplined life isn't easy, especially when first committing to do so. Temptations to deviate abound. The world seemingly wants you to fail and return to chaos of the undisciplined. It's a seductive world, full of pleasure and instant gratification. It's also a world devoid of meaning, purpose, and substance.

In order to live a disciplined life, one must commit to it. This is a daunting prospect. One needs to incorporate discipline in manageable doses. Taking on too much too soon will make establishing disciplined habits difficult. This opens the door to backsliding and abandonment. Like physical fitness, discipline begets more discipline. So make getting started and maintaining a disciplined life as easy as you can. Remove as many recidivist temptations from your life as you can. Make it more inconvenient to break discipline then to adhere to it. Note how much better your life is (or is becoming) when you are disciplined versus when you were not. There are many techniques and strategies one can utilize to do this. Find ones that work so that you make discipline easy.

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