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Living a Rich Life

Living a rich life has little to do with money. In order to live a rich life, one needs to be inquisitive. There are thousands if not millions of examples of people who are financially wealthy but live vapid, frivolous lives. No amount of money will alleviate their mental poverty. Only a change in mindset will.

A rich life is an internal construction. It has little to with what a person has and more to do with how a person approaches life. Curiosity is the foundation of this. An inquisitive mind allows a person to build a deep, meaningful, and intentional life that yields fulfillment and joy. A person living well has cultivated his interests and welcomes new ideas. This person seeks out depth and meaning instead of the flashy and superficial. This can express itself in many ways and is not limited to high culture. The key is reflection and illimitable curiosity. None of this requires much money. It requires disciplined, intelligently applied effort, and the judgment to discern the valuable from the worthless. Building a rich life is a self-motivating enterprise. Only you can do it.

Think about who you would prefer to sit next to a dinner party: the person rich in dollars or the person rich in ideas?

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