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This is a blog about my thoughts on living my understanding of the good life. Contrary to popular perception, the good life has nothing to do with money. It has to do with living a purposeful, thoughtful, refined, and deliberate life. Each post will address some aspect of this. It could be a book recommendation, a behavior that helps in the art of living, general thoughts on the good life, or anything else that I find helps live with purpose and meaning. I will only post when I believe that I have something of value to contribute and posts will be no more than a paragraph. Thanks for reading.

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Civility is Strength

Civility is strength. It shows that one is in control of his emotions and that he controls himself instead of the world controlling him. It amazes me how so many people engage in rude behavior, fals

Practice What You Profess

For several years, I've been cultivating a Stoic mindset. Because of COVID and other life events, much of it has occurred in relative isolation. This makes internalizing the tenants and deepening th

Good Enough is Good Enough

Good enough -- it sounds like settling. Shouldn't we be striving for perfection in everything that we do? No, we shouldn't. Perfect doesn't exist (sorry, Plato). Therefore, pursuing it is a pointl


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